About Us

File Systems Clearinghouse grew out of our company that sells new file storage systems: Benchmark Filing & Shelving Systems Inc. After working in the file storage industry since 1993, we've learned a thing or two about filing systems, shelving and the storage needs of companies. We've also learned a thing or two about working with other dealers of these units. Now we're using that experience to bring a new twist to a familiar industry by using the contacts that we've made through the years to put together a network of over 400 dealers to solve the growing issue of what to do with used (but still usable) storage systems that have been retired.

Our goal at Benchmark Filing & Shelving Systems has always been to provide the best customer service and working relationships. Our customers have always appreciated our efficiency, cost effectiveness and extraordinary service. We plan to bring those same ideals to File Systems Clearinghouse. Please keep our name handy, and we love referrals.

The People Behind File Systems Clearinghouse

Bill Morris, President

Bill started Benchmark in 1993. In the first year, he was able to align with a multitude of large clients and has never looked back. Sales exceeded $1,000,000 in just the second year of business and have grown from there. Bill provides the technical expertise for the FSC project. He'll put his organizational skills to use making sure that the flow of information between dealers is smooth and that the details of all transactions are correct.

Susan Lucas, Sales

Susan started working for Benchmark 5 years ago as an administrative assistant. Recognizing her great people skills, Bill moved her into sales where she's been a valuable asset. At File Systems Clearinghouse, Susan will be handling internet sales and coordination between dealers. So, chances are, whether you're a consumer or a dealer, you'll be talking to Susan at some point in your transaction with FSC.

" I look forward to working with you in the future and assisting you with your clients. I thank you for thinking of us and appreciate your comments and feedback."-- Susan