Times are tough for everyone, including filing and shelving dealers. Imaging and the current recession have brought tremendous changes in the filing and shelving industry. But when there is adversity, there is also opportunity. Because businesses are looking for ways to cut their budgets, there will be a larger market for pre-owned filing systems and shelving equipment applications. We have sold used equipment in Texas and the surrounding states for years, and now we want to expand this endeavor by creating a network of dealers throughout the country and beyond.

There are four identified areas that Filing Systems Clearinghouse will be networking to dealers across the country.

  • Selling of Filing Equipment – We have over 400 dealers and installers across the US in our network that will have access to our inventory. We will continue to grow our network base. Contact us to become part of our network. And be sure to visit our listings to see if there's a system that you need. If there is, give us a call for pricing and purchasing information.
  • Buying of Filing Equipment – Benchmark has clients looking for particular items. We would love the opportunity to buy your decommissioned filing product or equipment stored in your warehouse. We do look for particular sizes and quantity. Fill out the contact form or call us to be placed on our contact list.
  • Consigning of Filing Equipment – We encourage everyone with used systems in their back rooms or equipment being pulled out from their clients to send us pictures with complete descriptions. We will market your items to all of our dealers for Free. A 15% commission will be paid to Benchmark by the seller for all equipment sold through our network. In order for this “clearinghouse” concept to work for all dealers, we will need as much inventory to post as possible. These systems will be posted on this website.
  • Dealer Requests – Fill out our contact form with requests for pre-owned equipment needs. Or give us a call.

As you can see from our listings, we market mobile shelving systems, rotary cabinets, power files, bi-files (lateral) systems, L&T four post shelving, stackable shelving, industrial metal shelving and pallet rack (archive systems).

We all know how to judge the quality of the equipment we have at our disposal. Here at File Systems Clearinghouse we strive to market systems that are very good to excellent condition. We reserve the right to refuse equipment that does not meet our standards. We will not market systems that are inferior or need substantial repairs or maintenance. This is in everyone's best interest, so that you know when you're purchasing a system here that it will be of superior quality!

Recycling perfectly good filing systems makes sense financially and environmentally. They are typically engineered and built to last a lifetime. In a world of pre-owned, everyone comes out ahead. Dealers sell for less but make larger margins. The client gets a great system at a great price. And, the environment gets a happy nudge and wink from the filing industry. Think Green!

So, if you're interested in buying a system or becoming part of our network, contact us today for all of the details. We look forward to hearing from you!